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Quantum Leap Description of Services

QLís principle activity is the design and implementation of corporate programs focused on achieving a ongoing competitive advantage in the marketplace. Specialties include business process redesign and implementation, development of both the formal and informal leadership, coaching of formal and informal leaders, the formation and initial guidance of self directing teams (both horizontal and vertical), cultural change and integration programs, ISO and QS certifications, negotiations, IPO team preparation, succession and incentive programs, design and implementation of knowledge management systems (including capturing and utilizing the tacit knowledge of all levels of the company)Ö.

These various services are available to qualified clients either singly or in various combinations depending on the specific needs of the client company.

QL distinguishes itself from its competitors through its speed of achievement of specified high value adding objectives, its insistence on putting into place within the client corporations the tools and strategies that QL itself employs in delivering high value added outcomes and its focus creating within its client corporations the resources necessary to respond to future challenges. From time to time QL presents public seminars in topics of interest in NLP. QL does not offer services to individuals.

Quantum Leap Client List (partial)

Telecom Australia (TELSTAR)

BHP (Australia)

Coles-Myers (Australia)

Volkswagen de Mexico (Mexico)

Mineracao Rio do Norte (Brazil)

Sessionware Inc. (Silicon Valley, USA)

Par Bell (Belgium)

Jalisco Exportadora (Mexico)

Copi Royal Empersial (Mexico)

Madison-Kipp, Inc. (Wisconsin)

Workerís Compensation Board (Canada)

Kraft (USA)

Venetec, Inc. (USA)

AeroCaribe Airlines (Mexico)

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